Need help getting started with AR/VR

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Is it possible to create a markerless AR experience with a VR camera?

Basically I’m trying to create an experience where the phone uses the camera to track the surrounding and create a world around the player so that it looks like it’s VR but it’s actually markerless AR.

The reason I want to do it this way is because in VR if you move the phone around, the camera in the game doesn’t pan around but if I create it using AR the camera will pan in game.

For example:

In VR mode you can only look around but in AR you can look as well as move around.
Is it possible to create the AR version of the above example with split-screen camera so that it looks like VR?

I believe that there is such a possibility, and we have repeatedly resolved similar issues. The creation of the most realistic VR applications depends on the use of suitable platforms. To create an AR version from the above split screen camera example an example can be found here