My photos are not compiling within my production build

I’m encountering an issue where the photos I want to display in my project aren’t showing up. Initially, I managed to get them to display by posting them on Facebook and then copying the image URLs into my project. However, this method isn’t optimal.

Currently, I have all the photos stored in my assets folder, and they display correctly when I’m working locally. However, when I build the project for production, the assets, including the photos, aren’t being compiled. Consequently, in the production build folder, specifically in the dist folder, there are no photos within the assets folder. As a result, when I deploy the project live, the photos aren’t displayed since they’re missing from the project structure.

I’m seeking guidance on how to resolve this issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You should put your assets in the static / public / assets folder from the start - not in src (the name of folder in which you should place stuff depends on the build tool, version, and configuration - but the point stays the same - static files should not be placed under /src. They CAN but only in an exceptional case where you’re importing them using an ‘import’ statement - which is useful in some cases, but an overkill in most others.)