How to publish a static web Three.js project with assets (style + images) using Vite dev server on GitHub Pages?

Hi. I’m beginner in Three.js. I went through some tutorials online . For instance the following one doesn’t work (Publishing A Three.js Project On GitHub Pages | HackerNoon). My site is published with HTML only (no css, no images, etc.). Can anybody point me to some online resources please? Would you recommend other app deployment platforms? Thanks

if you’re using vite all you need to do is type “npm run build” and copy the contents of /dist to your server, that’s it.

Thanks @drcmda it helped me to progress.
However I didn’t succeed to publish a complete version of my app in GitHub pages (with style and images). After building my app by running npm run build I was able to correctly preview the production build in my local environment with vite preview.
I finally published my app with Firebase (GitHub - sctlcd/three-js-moon: Animated 3D galaxy with Three.js).
GitHub repo: GitHub - sctlcd/three-js-moon: Animated 3D galaxy with Three.js