Multitexture Material

Second question,
is there a way to achieve a multitexture material,
with different textures stacked above each other?

Like when I set

but instead[0] = texture1[1] = texture2[2] = texture3

With eacth of the map slots modifiable independently—

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it’s like photoshop layers, each one has a blend mode.


You can assign an array of materials to a mesh:

mesh.material = [material1,material2] etc.
If you have the materials set up with transparency, you might be able to get layering.

When I do it like this:
mesh.material = [material1,material2] etc.

everything is just black, despite not getting an error message.


OK I solved the Problem to my full satisfaction.

I just needed to add groups to the geometrybuffer of the mesh…
Now it works like a charm :slight_smile:


Ahh damn good catch. I forgot that part… apologies. :smiley: