Multiple tweens on an objects Position?

Hey guys,

I currently have a character that moves around the screen randomly. I am using a tween to achieve this. Since this character also is floating / hovering, I am wondering if it is possible to have his position being tweened currently around the screen (up down left right) and also have his Y bob up and down constantly from another tween, without interfering or resetting the movement tween.

    var targetPosition = new THREE.Vector3(this.getRandom(-5,5), this.getRandom(-5,5), this.getRandom(-5,5));
      new TWEEN.Tween( this.position )
      .to( targetPosition , this.getRandom(200, 500))
      .easing( TWEEN.Easing.Cubic.InOut )

This is how he currently moves.

Thanks guys!

it is possible to start several tweens at the same time.
See this example : Using tween.js - Three.js Tutorials (
Double click the floor plane, and see the monkey head go up and down and bounce. This is using three different tweens. Source code can be seen in the working example by pressing the <> button

This seems to do the bob on complete? I am trying to have it so the character moves randomly on their X Y and Z while also having just the Y bob forever up and down

EDIT: I decided to create the bob tween after each positional tween finishes, since you can’t really feel the lack of bobbing during the movement anyway. Then once the bob finishes it moves again. This seems like it will work for my needs! Thanks again for the suggestion :slight_smile: