Multiple decalgeometry on top of one mesh

I have a GLTF model and I want to put some textures with decalgeometric on one of its meshes and I need each of the decals to be ahead of the previous decal, please help me

you can use polygonOffset and polygonOffsetFactor in multiple decalgeometry.

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When I change the scale of the decal and change the position of the camera, the decal is no longer displayed
const newsize = new THREE.Vector3(countx, county, countz)
const newDimensions = newsize.multiplyScalar(0.06);

                decal1.geometry = new DecalGeometry(newMesh, new THREE.Vector3(0.05167836159467697, position.y, position.z), new THREE.Vector3(1, 1, 1), newDimensions);

Yeah, Decal is display when it exactly crossed with the surface of the mesh.
If you use the React three drei, you can set the Debug property is true to see the decal’s location.
Hope this will help you.