Multiple Animations on one object

Hey there, here’s a little background of my problem: I have a character creator avatar within three.js. When I play the animations in blender and in a gltf viewer the eyelashes move with the face morph targets but in three.js the animations for the eyelashes don’t play. I tried joining the mesh and doing a data transfer but it doesn’t work with with blend shapes when applying the modifier.

My plan is to just play another animation specifically for the eyelashes instead of just the body and have them as separate meshes (but still the same object). Is there a way to get the eyelash mesh (child of the main mesh) and make that play the same animation as the body?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know that a single animation can hold both morph target tracks and skinned mesh tracks? So you probably will have to use 2 separate animations played at the same time.