Moving Clouds and Animated Aircraft Model

Here is a sample “diorama” that an animated aircraft model and moving clouds:
Low Clouds
This is my first attempt at creating 3D clouds so I appreciate any suggestions for improvement.


Looks great! :+1: :small_airplane:

Those are some pretty great clouds! I noticed that banking the plane actually has an effect on its trajectory - a really nice touch.

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For those who are interested, I have included a sample program and explanation of the program and the moving clouds effect on my webpage.
The program allows you to display a model (included) in a skybox with lensflare effect and with various effects, such as rotating props and flashing exhaust. The webpage contains instructions for customizing the program to display your own model.
I am hoping that others will be able to improve upon what I have done and share those results.

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Really nice job man!
I’ve check the other version too, really immersive (for being in a web browser) +++

Looks fantastic. Nice music :musical_note: