Move together only desired meshes that are in an array?

Guys, how would one go about moving (positions) only the desired meshes in an array together?

Let’s say I had 12 meshes in an array called things, and I wanted to move things[7] and have all the following things in the array (things[8] thru things[11]) move with it… What would be the simplest and most efficient way to do this? (x and z only in this case - y is always constant) This isn’t the only scenario, and ultimately whichever ones I wanted (odds, etc) would be moving with the leader, keeping all of them at their original constant distance from the leader, both x and z. I do hope that makes sense. I should probably point out that I already have all of the things in a group.

If only we could temporarily attach objects to a group or null object, and then detach them at will, this would be a no-brainer…

Please advise. Thanks guys!

EDIT: D’oh!.. I finally stumbled upon THREE.SceneUtils.attach and THREE.SceneUtils.detach… I’ll report back if I can’t get this to do exactly what I want… hopefully I am g-t-g.