Change parent position based on child object's geometry


I have a 3D object and a cube mesh, added mesh as a child to 3D object. Now I want to change position of 3D object inside mesh so that I can control pivot points of the cube mesh. Here is the codepen

Thanks in advance.

any help from anywhere?

Sorry, but I’m afraid your question is unclear. Changing the pivot point in three.js is already explained here:

Thanks for the reply. I’m using the second option provided in your link, took a 3D object and added cube mesh to it. And I want to move 3D object position inside cube mesh. Whenever I update3D object position it gets updated in scene along with cube mesh. I want cube mesh to stay stable while I change 3D object position inside cube mesh. I hope this is clear now.

Thanks again.

Okay, instead of adding the mesh to the instance of 3DObject, try it with Object3D.attach(). In your particular case:


Sorry, I can’t fork your codepen since an account is required (which is actually stupid).

BTW: You really should not name a variable mesh if it’s not of type Mesh.

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@Mugen87 i am using the something same but i am seeing that my group position is chaging but not its decendent means
control = new Trans…
here this group contain some meshes cubes.
but the position is group is updated but the meshes position is not please can you help me in this