Move center line in gridhelper?

Hi everyone!
I use GridHelper to draw grid on picture. Now, i want to move center line(blue line) down y-axis 20 units, and to the left along the x-axis 20 units. After that, i want assign two characters x, y, number on center line
Can you help me.

Grid helper is not designed to be modified, if you need a custom grid, create your own using line geometry, this way you’ll be able to move individual lines around.

At to the text, search this forum for different ways to make text labels for charts, there are many posts describing how to do it, mainly you draw the text on a 2D canvas and then use it as a texture applied to a plane geometry or a sprite.

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Not quite like that. :slight_smile: I would say, there is no convenient way.
GrigHelper, in it’s base, is LineSegments (source).
So, when you know the order of vertices, you can do some funny stuff.

@T-Cuong But I’m curious, how the desired result has to look like?

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Yeah, I assumed digging into the source is more hassle and takes more knowledge than writing your own from scratch but that’s my perspective :wink:

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Perfectly agree :handshake: This is what I would do, the writing of something of my own, or try to extend an existing object :sweat_smile:

This grid may also be too complex for the beginning or too integrated into the other code. But maybe there is an idea how to proceed.

2022-12-23 21.26.48

Construction of frames with contour/profile


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