Mouse movement to move camera


I’m looking for some base, library or script than have the camera behaviour as in these examples:

I can’t find the way to replicate that behavior. The camera movement is very smooth and never has a jump, very clean, soft.
Any suggestions?

Help please!

The controls remind me at the following official three.js example: three.js webgl - materials - normal map [Lee Perry-Smith]

I guess you can use the demo as a foundation for your own code.

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this is quite easy to do: Baked AO - CodeSandbox

the code:

obj.rotation.y = THREE.MathUtils.lerp(obj.rotation.y, (mouse.x * Math.PI) / 10, 0.1)
obj.rotation.x = THREE.MathUtils.lerp(obj.rotation.x, (mouse.y * Math.PI) / 10, 0.1)
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Both solutions are great, this second one is more simple and easy to control. Just one thing.

You can use ( mouse.x - (window.innerWidth / 2) ) instead of mouse.x to use de center of the screen to control the rotation.


right, forgot to mention that. the mouse object in that code is already centred, good point!