Modifier Curve threejs example does NOT RUN in Safari or iOS Chrome

Any idea why? Any solution?


@Mugen87 to the rescue?

Took a quick look on IOS and I get error messages in console regarding webgl, I have no idea how to help but this maybe does. These two messages were being sent continiously.

Thanks! Yes, this is definitely beyond me…

@FuzzyWobble @Sarge Do you see this warning only with webgl_modifier_curve?

Hi @Mugen87

Only on webgl_modifier_curve and webgl_modifier_curve_instanced modifiers. I checked other modifiers and webgl_geometry_spline_editor too incase, but they are just fine.

Refreshing after page load, I was able to get beginning of the logs. Seems to be a shader issue:

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@Sarge Thank you for the pastebin. The problem is that the shader code of CurveModifier use the WebGL 2 function texture(). However, Webkit based browser do not support WebGL 2 yet.

In general CurveModifier should also work with a WebGL 1 context. Let me try to fix this.

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<3 thanks @Mugen87