๐Ÿ‘‹ Mockup Creator for Artists to showcase Designs

As artist it is great to showcase designs. However if you are a surface or textile designer you usually donโ€™t know about 3D software to visualize it for example on a pillow. This is something I want to solve. The user can apply a pattern to predefined models and adjust itโ€™s size.
Actually whole scenes can be created.

Current status:

  • Custom shader for models to display structural textures (e.g. fabric) and overlayed custom pattern
  • Align mapping of custom textures on UV maps of models with FabricJS
  • React / Redux / ThreeJS with ThreeJS decoupled from React via Redux.
  • 150+ predefined models

Exported result:

Flow within the app:

I am still working on the rendered output. If you have any tips on how to improve there any help is appreciated.

Still in beta, but if you want to take a look: MockupFox.