Mixed use of Mesh and InstancedMesh, R120 version reports an error

Because InstanceMesh cannot use frustum culling, I want to mix Mesh and InstancedMesh. I judged in the program that if geometry is reused, create InstancedMesh, and if there is no reuse, create Mesh. When I moved the camera, I found that once the effect of frustum culling appeared, it reported an error:

three.module.js?5a89:14175 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘isInterleavedBufferAttribute’ of undefined

function get( attribute ) {

	if ( attribute.isInterleavedBufferAttribute ) attribute = attribute.data;

	return buffers.get( attribute );


attribute undefine!

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This is a know bug. InstancedMesh and Mesh can’t share same materials: