Mix textures of different sizes in the fragment shader

I have two texture maps of different sizes.
colorMap - 1024x1024 px
alphaMap - 32x32 px

I want to use the color from the colorMap and the transparency from the alphaMap.

However, I get the result, as if the maps passed to the shader are the same. If I use the cards individually, then everything works in the expected way.

varying vec3 vWorldPosition;
varying vec2 vUv;

uniform sampler2D colorMap;
uniform sampler2D alphaMap;

void main(){
    gl_FragColor.rgb = texture2D(colorMap, vUv).rgb;
    gl_FragColor.a = texture2D(alphaMap, vUv).a;

I also tried mixing two cards. As a result, I get a duplication of a lower resolution map

void main(){
    gl_FragColor = mix(texture2D(colorMap, vUv), texture2D(alphaMap, vUv), 0.5);

I would appreciate any help on my issue.

and then suddenly

Could you provide more details about what you do, what you have and what you want to achieve?
Would be great to provide a minimal editable working example.

I slightly modified the example for better clarity. I found that the problem is observed only in release > 135
cranky-elgamal-8nie14 - CodeSandbox — working example
I expect to see a sphere like this in release > 135

What do I need to change in the code to work in the current release?

Haven’t dig too deep, but in the latter releases, when you instantiate a DataTexture, you have to set dataTexture.needsUpdate = true; right after it.

I went another way to achieve the visual you provided: https://codepen.io/prisoner849/full/PoazXJR