Missing Specular Light Color

On my OpenGL app I can quite setup a light with ambient, diffuse and specular colours. So I can turn off the specular just using a black specular light color.
How can I do the same on Three.js ?

I am used to put on the scene one light only casting specular and some other smaller lights with no specular (black color) just to balance the lighting/shading of the scene.
I have experienced that a model with many specular points on the surfaces looks confusing. I hope I can reproduce this scene on Three.js. Any clue?

TBH, this kind of lighting configuration is wrong from an academical point of view. It should not be configurable on light level what kind of reflection (ambient, diffuse or specular) is produced. This solely depends on materials. Apart from the fact that this approach is not suitable for PBR workflows anyway (where you usually work with the taxonomy indirect/direct diffuse and indirect/direct specular).

If you don’t want specular highlights, I suggest you use MeshLambertMaterial.