"Melting" geometry into another geometry

I want to create something like the geometry on the first page of this url: https://phageguard.com.

The part I am struggling with is making the sphere “melt” into the floor geometry, so it looks like it is going through it.
Is there a way to create this with purely Three.js or should something like Blender be used?

how to trigger this at their site? I dont see what you are talking about.

It is unclear what you mean by “melting”.

One possible interpretation is that you ask about the regular polyhedron that encapsulates the food. Its back side gradually blends into the background. This can be achieved with THREE.Fog.

@makc3d @PavelBoytchev the site is broken but i think the OP @Alexander_Rubino is referring to an effect similar to this (crude) example…


I‘m sorry for the miscommunication. But yes exactly, thank you