Maze and 3D Flag


Hello everyone

I created a new topic because my messages were hidden, saying that it was spam.

I thought I was on the right site, where we discuss three.js

My message was just to show what I had done with the library three.js and by helping me from already existing site.

My first link is to show a 3d maze game:

The second one I just created is to show the 3d flags. I added a page displaying the flags of the last 3 registered on my website and the last visitors:

By the way, with the library I use for flags, I can not use some objects like 3d text for example. Would someone have the same problem? and a solution?


Sorry your posts were flagged, the auto spam filter is pretty strict on new users who post links.

I’ve unflagged your posts, it should be less strict on you from now on :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer.


I noticed that my page with the flags I crash FireFox if I left it open after about 1 hour.
I do not have the problem with IE or Chrome.

Have any of them ever had problems with three.js under Firefox ?
I do not know if the problem comes from my computer or Firefox.

Thank you to those who want to enlighten me.



My messages are still hidden?


Hi all,

I add new 3D game : Marvel Memory.

Try it !




Just a little note to inform you that I had to change a hoster for my site.
You can now test 3D games on the BZH Games website at
Feel free to leave comments if you encounter problems or for any suggestion.

Thank you in advance for your visit



“You must login to continue”? :confounded:


Hi marquizzo,

There is a ranking of the players on the games. So I need the players to be identified to define the ranking.

Maybe I should offer for each game, a version without ranking where there is no need to identify, just to try the games. I’ll think about it.

29 oct.

Now you can try the game in the logged.
I hope you will try :wink:

Good game :video_game:


Hi everybody,

I am looking for a free software to model animated 3d characters to integrate them into a game with three.js.
I did not find anything in the different discussions.
Can someone advise me software to use?

thank you in advance for your help


Hello all,

Just to let you know that on Marvel Memory, I added the ability to play against the Bot if you do not find an opponent.

Good game