Matrix4 with OrthographicCamera camera

Dear friends

Is it possible to use OrthographicCamera and transform 3D mesh from 4 points as it is here:

I have got this to work with a flat plane but trying to show a 3D mesh the camera seems to take a shot of the mesh from the front then transform that?

Any help would be appreciated !


Any chance to see what you’ve tried in Three.js? Any live code example (jsfiddle, codepen etc.)?

Hi @prisoner849

Please see .
Reading online I’m not sure this is possible as it sounds like this transform only applies to planes.

The idea is to let users easily match a rectangular mesh up to a rectangle in a photo by dragging the corners which would be easier than orbiting the mesh. If you have any other suggestions it would be appreciated.

I can take a shot of the mesh and save as an image and use the method above but some of the mesh sticks out so it would be nice to see that rotate rather than be flat in the image if you know what I mean.

Are you talking about something like bilinear interpolation?
It was written long ago, but surprisingly it’s still working :smile:

Possibly! Thanks for your efforts. Your fiddle looks like the sort of thing I want.

I have a more complicated set of grouped meshes actually not just a plane.
Would I need to modify every vertex of every plane?

If you provide a live code example that is close to your real one, then you’ll get better/quicker/more detailed answer :slight_smile: And not only from me :slight_smile:

Sorry there is no example as I haven’t seen this done before!
I’ve have put it in a fiddle is that helps.
I want to apply a matrix4 transform to a cube but it only displays one face.

I guess your fiddle does not work in my situation as you are just interpolating in xy which is not really going to rotate the mesh to the user.