Material parameter warnings with FBXLoader

I load the object in the .fbx format as follows

   export const loadObj = (path) => {
   this.THREE = THREE;
    const container = new THREE.Object3D();

    container.loaded = false;

const loader = new FBXLoader();

    object => {
        container.loaded = true;
            container.position.set(randPos(), randPos(), randPos());
            container.scale.set(randScale(), randScale(), randScale());
            container.rotation.set(randRotation(), randRotation(), randRotation());
    xhr => {
    xhr => {

return container;


In console I have such warnings:

three.module.js:7699 THREE.Material: ‘bumpMap’ parameter is undefined.

three.module.js:7717 THREE.MeshLambertMaterial: ‘bumpScale’ is not a property of this material.

I know that my designer make in model some bump.
Because of what this problems can be? problem in the model itself?

Stack of warnings



Thank you. I edit my post

Hmm, that’s likely a problem in the loader. Before this, I hadn’t found a way to export any FBX files with a Lambert material, so I haven’t done proper testing for those.

What program are you exporting from? And can you share the model?

I use this fbx loader

And load this model

I don’t recommend using packages like that, as they usually don’t get updated every time three.js is updated. That one is a couple of months out of date.

Anyway, the model is loading fine with the latest loader, except for these warnings. Would you mind raising an issue on github? I’ll keep track of it there.

Anyway, the model is loading fine with the latest loader, except for these warnings

And what loader did you use for .fbx objects? And what version of three.js,?

The ones from the latest release, R91.

Also I have three warnings if I use FbxLoader Three.js. Is the reason in models , in loader or in using this loader?

index.js:574 FBXLoader: layered textures are not supported in three.js. Discarding all but first layer.

layered textures are not supported in three.js

That means exactly what it says. Whatever app your FBX file was created with uses layered textures and these are not supported by three.js.