MapControls with rotation three.js

I wanna make the camera move like in this url . MapControls work fine for me except the rotation . any ideas about how to implement rotation functionality like in the url ?

Maybe it would be helpful to explain better what effect you want to achieve. I looked at the URL and I found two different things that might be considered rotations:

  • the rotation done with the right mouse button
  • the rotation done with the left mouse button

thanks for replying. what i want to achieve is the rotation done with the left mouse button.

Next question:

  • you want to rotate with the left button (instead of the right button)
  • you want to rotate in the opposite direction of the default rotation

I want to use the left mouse button for the camera movement (forward, backword, rotate left, rotate right)
as in this gif

Thanks for the explanation, I understand now. You want horizontal motion of the mouse to make left-right rotation, while the vertical motion to make forward-backward panning. I’m not sure this is possible in MapControls. You may consider these options:

  • make own camera motion by capturing mouse motion
  • modify the source of MapControls to work as you want

The first option might be easier and faster to implement.

Edit: Here is a demo of the first option. The red sphere only indicates the camera target position, the sphere is not used for the navigation.


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thanks a lot this is what i was looking for.

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