Manually rotating camera with Trackball Controls

Trying to tween between two view states by rotating and positioning camera while using Trackball Controls. But TrackballControls.update() cause the camera rotation reset to the previous state of Trackball Control’s camera rotation. Using TrackballControls.update() is necessary for my script. What could be the workaround?

If you just need to temporarily “take over” camera control while moving the camera from one location to another you could either:

  • Conditionally not call update while moving the camera.
  • Specifically set one or all of noRotate/noZoom/noPan to true while moving the camera.

If your requirements are different, be a little more specific what you need disabled from TrackballControls and how long/why.

Need to implement “UNDO the VIEW”. A scene view is changed with Trackball Controls and a button can undo the change by tweening back to the previous camera location and rotation. By not calling Update when tween completes, does the job for only one step but again when we try to move the trackball we have to call the update in any case.