Making Materials using RawShaderMaterial with shaders from substance designer

Because I want to make materials using major node editor, found a way that exporting glsl shaders using substance designer’s materialX plugin.
MaterialX supports only GLSL v4.0 or higher, so I have converted those shaders to GLSL es 3.0.
and then, I put shaders in RawShaderMaterial and converted some uniforms to three’s built-in uniforms.

now, I see at least the shape of the object but the material works not at all.

Have you any idea of the right way to get materials using shaders from materialX’s nodes?

here is my code sandbox : materialX_test - CodeSandbox


The code itself seems fine - setting specific values to hardcoded floats does affect the material.

I’m not 101% sure, but it seems like some of the uniforms are simply not passed - and also incompatible with three (ex. the lights passed to the material are an empty texture not connected to the scene lights, all other textures are also empty) ?