Making invisible edges dashed

Hey, as outlined in the title, I aim to create a transparent object (specifically a cube) whose visible (camera facing) edges are drawn with a solid line, while those that are on the other side of the cube are dashed.

I have found but one question similar to this. Namely javascript - three.js wireframe only shape with hidden edges as dashed lines - Stack Overflow . However, the approach suggested by Calude (the highest voted answer at the time of writing) doesn’t work. Lee Stemkoski’s implementation (the second highest voted answer at the time of writing throws 404. The comments below the implementation, also suggest that this approach may no longer work.

Is there a new way of doing this?

Thanks in advance.

Just for some ideas, not exactly you’re looking for, but something related with conditional visibility of edges: HidingEdgesBox (LineSegments + modified LineDashedMaterial)

Modified the example from the mentioned post: