Make the HTML element from drei transparent

					position={[28, 3, 20]}
					rotation={[degToRad(-90), 0, degToRad(90)]}
					<h1 style={{ background: "red" }}>Hello World</h1>

How can I get rid of the margin around h1 and make the HTML element transparent, so that I only see the text?

if you use blending you can determine the shape of the masking geometry yourself, like so: The three graces - CodeSandbox in theory i think it should figure the size out all by itself, it would be best to talk to faraz, the author of that feature, directly on the pmndrs discord.

@CHOIX just get rid of the margin on the <h1>.

margin: 0

Here’s the example @drcmda pasted, but with your h1:

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