Make Object3D uuid props editable

I’m making an editor for my project with three js.

We need to make uuid pair table which for record three js object uuid and our own data’s uuid.

I know object3D uuid is not editable props but, I think if we make uuid as editable props it will be very use full to like my team which making custom editor for own purpose.

I just want to talk If it is possible that Object3D uuid to editable. and I want to know why if it is not possible. Also I want to know, is there anyone felt want to change object uuid.

Use Object3D.userData for custom properties.

mesh.userData.title = "abc"
mesh.userData.description = 123
mesh.userData.someObject= {a:1, b:"thing"} = "a6da39a0-125c-11ee-be56-0242ac120002"