Make a transparent cylinder with text on it (sandbox attached)

Hi guys!

Need some help… How to make a transparent cylinder with text on it?
I need to make the background visible through the letters


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Font with transparent background but how to create scene with transparent background ?
I need to make ff00ff transparent

Try it like so:

The idea is to implement the shader like so:

gl_FragColor = texture2D(uTexture, uv);

So you don’t set the alpha value always to 1. You then just set the transparent property of your material to true.

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Did something like that, but something is clearly wrong. Global transparency is changing, but I need to remove only pink background and leave text with opacity 1 …

When i use png map and MeshBasicMaterial i play with alphaTest, but this time should be another way…

Thank you!


Some one bug over letter E

You can solve this by setting depthWrite to false for your shader material.

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