Magic ball on the web


I need to make a Magic Ball that would work in the browser.
The model can be viewed (and taken) here: M-Ball - Download Free 3D model by mersus (@mersus) [99a2916] - Sketchfab
It is necessary to set up navigation, animation of the ball approaching the camera, a ticker showing a random phrase selected from the jason file. There are some other minor details, such as the ability to change the type of ball, background and color (material) of the ball; there are some interface elements: a button that changes the theme of the output phrases, a button to expand to full screen, text. We will discuss everything with the candidate in more detail.

I hope there are experts here to carry out this task.

I think maybe I could help you. But there are some things where I have to be honest: I´m not expert, I only know how to do animations at .pmx format and my English is average.

If this is not affect you send I could help.

pst: I enjoy playing with your magic ball Is a nice toy and all of this can work on Browser. (To make it work I convert your fbx ball to pmx

What is your native language?

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