Create a magic egg with three.js!

This is an excellent example I learned from the community, on the basis of the original set more elements to make the picture more imaginative! :joy:

github address:


It looks nice.

Some things that can be improved are (sorted by text length):

  • Some background music
  • Smoother shape for the egg
  • Drawing back faces of the upper ring
  • Mirroring the Greek text in the lower ring
  • If Yuan is your name, then use “Made by Yuan”

Glad to get your approval and advice! I will add them later, depending on your suggestions

I found this magic circle in sketchfab, and the egg model is also provided by others. If I find better matches with these sources, I will also replace them to make the whole scene consistent

As for the name, my name is Jian Yuan, so it’s called JYuan for short :sweat_smile:

Here is the link to the model matrix ring I found:

I am a Chinese, I do not understand the meaning of the above words, could you please help to explain :joy: