Lux'Materia - a three.js based game (video)

Hi guys and girls,

For the past year or so, I’ve been working on my own game engine powered by Three.js. What started out as an experiment running Three.js and electron together has evolved into a serious project in the past couple of months. I’m very excited to announce that the final game will be released on steam.

At first, I wanted to see how far I could go using Three.js as an actual graphics library to build a serious game on. I’ve done a couple of prototypes and had to make some sacrifices along the way. For example, real-time skybox rendering through a shader turned out to be a very bad idea - performance wise. After the basics of the framework were getting shaped up, a level editor was created. Once the editor had its foundation, more and more features were added until it was time to build an actual game with it.

I’ve spent about 2k euro’s worth of assets into the game so far, and hope I can earn this back once the game is released. There are quite a lot of videos on my YouTube channel that shows the entire development process and some different iterations of this project.

Some info about the game:

Lux’Materia is a casual puzzle game where you collect so-called “Lux”. These are strange floating glowing water droplets that - once collected - saves a cute panda somewhere on the planet… I think.

A quick summary of gameplay features & elements:

  • Grid based - you move in units of 1 meter, in either 45 of 90 degrees.
  • Multiple character support (demonstrated in the video)
  • Laser beams, particle system and 3D audio
  • Campaign system with scores (will be integrated within steam leaderboards later)
  • Steamworks integration (achievements, leaderboards, etc.)
  • Steam workshop integration via the level editor (planned)
  • And many more…

I’m currently in the state of development where I mainly need to focus on creating many many levels. The game engine/framework is nearly done at this stage.

Any feedback, suggestions or ideas are welcome!


graphics is pretty

This is actually very impressive! Thanks for sharing.