Looking for Three.js Developer to join zerolens

zerolens is currently searching for the first Three.js Developer to join our team full-time (remotely).

Why do we think what we offer is a great opportunity?

  • We are working on futuristic high-class rendering and no other company worldwide is as good at it as us.
  • We want to change how people approach photography and help them use technology to create photos in minutes without any 3D modeling knowledge.
  • Our plan is to be one of the first companies shaping the product with Three.js - not only on the project level.
  • You can be a first Three.js hire to join an early-stage and become a part of shaping the whole product strategy and growing the team.
  • Additionally, we want to offer a competitive salary, an attractive equity package as an early employee, and some other cool benefits.

You can read more details in our job ad.

If this sounds interesting to you, apply via our career page or send an email directly to jagoda@zerolens.com.


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