Looking for Developer who can do Shader Program in 3JS


We are looking for a developer who can do shader program in 3JS, specifically for a realistic skin shader that can support albedo, normal, micro normal and sub surface scattering.

I am interested in your post
I hope to hear from you soon
my discord : winninghare
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Hello, hope you are doing well.
I have read your job description carefully.
I am interested in that.
I 'd like to discuss in more detail.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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Hello, nice to meet you.
I am a three.js developer.
Now I am free and ready to work with you.
My telegram : Telegram: Contact @waterswallow
Thank you.

Hi @Prince_Cherian,

I’m excited about the opportunity to work on developing a realistic skin shader for your project in Three.js. I have extensive experience with shader programming and have worked on similar projects in the past.

To give you a brief overview of my skills and experience:

  • I have a strong background in computer graphics and have worked extensively with WebGL and Three.js.
  • I am proficient in shader programming, including writing custom shaders for various effects such as lighting, shadows, and material properties.
  • I have experience with implementing advanced rendering techniques such as subsurface scattering for realistic skin rendering.
  • I am familiar with integrating different texture maps such as albedo, normal, and micro normal maps into shaders to achieve realistic material appearance.

I’m confident in my ability to create a high-quality skin shader that meets your requirements.

Looking forward to discussing the project in more detail.

Best regards,