Looking for a web developer for a 3d website

I need to develop almost identical to this: https://cornrevolution.resn.global/
Instead of being about corn it’ll be around cbd and I’ll provide the 3d content for the website.
Deadline is december. I have a junior threejs developer working on it but 95% we won’t make it in time and I want to respect the deadline. If interested this is the email so when can schedule a call so I can explain better the project: thinkdjungle@gmail.com

That site won an awward and I’m pretty sure wasn’t designed/implemented by a single developer. resn is/was a pretty high end design agency. https://resn.co.nz/
You might want to start adjusting your expectations, in terms of the time and skill it will take to implement a similar site.


Oh nice, I wasn’t aware resn did the KPR site, that’s cool!

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Whoa that is an awesome 3d website


This awesome website has many technologies alongside React Three, like Gsap and ScrollTrigger and advanced shaders and custom 3D models.

Send me a message if you want to develop something similar:


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