Looking for a three js web developer

Hello, We are looking for Australia based three js web developer who can build an interactive WebAR game. Should have strong grip on three js and a prior experience with 3D interactive games and APIs, WebAR, integrate from 2D Web elements to 3D Web integrations. Full stack experience is a plus. Kindly reply to this message by mentioning your level of experience, salary expectations, locations and availability to start.

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Only Australia? Can it be remote?


Please checkout my threejs project for open world and threejs project for interiors.

SketchUp Race Track 1

SketchUp Race Track 2

Virtual Market


Edge Apartment

Richard Art Gallery

Android Game

Hoping to hear from you.


I am a Microsoft certified developer, specialist for .Net and SharePoint, also JavaScript.
I want to learn what you are looking for.
Is there a way to dive in?
At first i need guidance, no money.
Later on starting with 500 Euro per month to (here you should say what you will pay).


Roman Pawlig

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Hi, I’m based in Australia, and I’m a senior level multimedia artist / designer / developer with at least 20 years experience working with dynamic and interactive media. I have extensive experience with Three.js, and web development, and you can view a portfolio of my work at: https://henryegloff.com/. A few of my more recent Three.js projects include: https://player-controller.vercel.app/ and Muse - Henry Egloff. I’m located in Byron Bay and I’m currently looking for contract work opportunities. Please contact me directly via email etc for information regarding my rates / salary expectations. Otherwise I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Henry.

Hi Marian, I’ve just set a reminder to call you at 4 today. Otherwise my number is 0410 187 712. Regards, Henry

Hi Marion,

Sorry something has come up for me this afternoon. Could we please postpone it to next week… Next week I will be available on and off most days. Otherwise feel free to let me know a time that would suit you next week, and I can call you then. Henry

Hi Henry,
That’s unfortunate. Would 3rd at 4pm work for you? We want to start the project ASAP.
Let me know

Hi Marion, that is fine. I have put it in my calendar for 4pm on the Tuesday the 3rd. In the meantime, do you have any information you could provide for me regarding your company etc and your available role? Regards, Henry

Great, thanks for the info. :slight_smile: Henry

Hi Marian, If you are looking for more experienced three.js developers based in Aus besides Henry, I have been looking into how specially WebXR can work on various platforms, which can be complex and expensive and also requires thinking into proper UX. My current case study https://gcai.onrender.com/ can be seen here supports 3D desktop, WebXR for android and fallback to paid options for ios devices, it also supports WebXR VR on HMDs.such as the Oculus Quest for both full VR and pass through modes with a custom threeJS engine. Thanks, Damian

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HI Damian, Thanks, do you want to discuss it next week? Let me know

Hi Marian - Yes sure, you can contact me at assimilateinteractive@gmail.com

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