Looking for a dev to help with a small interactive web piece

Hi Devs,

Our team is looking to hire a three.js developer to help with a small interactive piece for our client’s website. We believe three.js might be the best option to use for the interaction but we need to get feedback from anyone who has experience building such an element. Doesn’t have to be three.js if another option is easier to implement such as Vectary perhaps.

In short, it is an isometric view element that allows for a few pieces to succeed in the clients’ eyes.

    • animation
    • interactive hotspot for information (images, videos, maybe even web replication in a small window TBD)
    • Detailed model (from CAD) but stylized for performance
    • lighting even if back and some sun color, we want something more visually appealing than the example provided below.

We are open to ideas and looking to pitch options to clients within a week.

Hi there :wave:

Sent you a DM! Wish you have been able to see it

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Got it. Thank you. We will be in touch with everyone who responds to our posting tomorrow. Wanted to post today to be ready for the week.

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Hello @MitchellG
I hope to contribute to this project and sent you a DM.
Hope you to check it.

Thank you. We will be reaching out tomorrow. Can you send us some examples for reference by chance?

I’m a front end web developer from Costa Rica. I’m available to have a call and discuss the project.
juulio @ gmail.com

Hi @MitchellG , thank you for mentioning Vectary as an option. What you’re trying to build is definitely possible within our platform. Happy to get in touch to go over the details & to show you some examples of similar implementations. Please feel free to shoot me an email at vlk@vectary.com to continue the conversation :slight_smile:

Hi, i’m threejs developer and 3d designer
I Can build thé web app and optimisé the 3d model even if is Cad
Please let get in touch for more détails
Thank you