Loading GLTF file hangs for a long time on first load

On first load, the onLoadProgress reaches 100% loaded, then it just hangs, for 10-30 seconds.
On the second load, everything is fine.
Any idea why?

What do you mean by first/second load? Are you refreshing the page, loading a second (different) model, or loading the same model twice?

A demo would help to see exactly what’s happening, I’m 100% guessing without more information. But if the first call to renderer.render(...) is specifically what’s slow, then it’s probably uploading resources to the GPU – especially textures – that is taking a while. Or if it’s hanging earlier than that, maybe it’s decompressing something – are you using Draco?

Thanks for the reply!

I am loading the same model twice.

I think it may be the textures. What would be a good way to confirm/monitor the textures?

Try running the performance profiler in Chrome while the scene loads, and see what methods show up underneath the .render calls?

Or you could .traverse the scene after loading it, remove the textures, and try rendering that to compare time.