Loading a FBX file from input without uploading

I am trying to let users open their FBX files, and convert cameras for another software, but I am unable to figure out how to open the file without them physically uploading the file to my server.

I have tried a blob with URL.createObjectURL to pass to the FBX loader, but that doesn’t work, something about wrong property.

I have tried feeding it raw data from a file, and most recently have tried passing the local file path, but for security that appears to be disabled in JavaScript now, so the “fakepath” it gives, is to nothing.

Here is my code as it stands

	$(document).ready(function() {
		$('#file').change(function () {
			if ( this.value == '' ) {
				console.log( "No valid file selected." );

			var loader = new THREE.FBXLoader();
			loader.load( this.value, function( object ) {
				console.log( object );

				object.traverse( function( c ) {

					if ( c instanceof THREE.Camera ) {				

						// Debug log camera child
						console.log( c );


				} );


I am unfamiliar with THREE.js and not the best with JavaScript so sorry if this is obvious. We just don’t have FBX camera support in the software I use, and it’s really needed, so trying to create a solution within my limits. The software uses XML for its importable shaders, so that’s no issue, and I have most the program finished. Just when I went to go run it for the first time and debug, I ran into this issue.

PS a method to load FBX / Objects from data would be useful. For example I imagine for a lightweight game storing a lot of data compressed in a database for smaller storage, but would not be able to get a path from this method, unless caching the file out.