Loading 2D dwg model to threejs

floor plan.zip (610.9 KB)

I have converted a 2D DWG model to a JSON file. After that I have uploaded it in threejs editor. I am able to see some of part of model by scrolling in/out and I am unable to see the complete model. Could you please tell how do i fix this issue?

I have attached the file. Please check.

Can you please explain how this conversion was performed?

We are using https://www.prototechsolutions.com/product/json-exporter-autocad/ to convert the drawing into JSON.

I get this in the editor (after scaling down the model):

How does it supposed to look like? Can you please share a screenshot that shows the expected result?

Thank you for your response. The one in you image is correct.

But, this is how it loads for me in the ThreeJS Viewer.

Try to decrease the scale of the top-most floor plan object. The scale of the model is huge and thus not properly renderable in the editor’s viewport.

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I have scaled the image and getting the almost correct 2D image. But there are slight mistakes, some model objects are sticking out of the image hence making it a 3D model. Could you please tell me how do I fix this? I also want to view this image as 2D image only no 3D. Could you please how do I do this? Please check the following images: -

The original Image:-

Scaled Images(with slight mistakes):-

I would report this issue to the developers of the JSON exporter. As a quick fix, you could iterate over the vertices of your model and ensure that all of them lie in a XY plane. So all vertices would have the same z-coordinate. Keep in mind that this is something you have to do in code and not with the editor.

You could render the scene with an orthographic camera into a render target which could then be used as a texture. Rendering with an orthographic camera might also solve the with the exposed objects (since no perspective is used anymore).

Thank you for your response. Is it possible to auto-scale to fit the viewport programatically?

Double-clicking on the outliner’s entry should focus the object. You can also select the floor-plan and hit f.

Could you please which file shall I edit for setting the default scale size to 0.001? Is it Command.js, Editor.js or Loader.js?

Since you are loading JSON it might make sense to adjust this code section:

result represent the loaded JSON. You can make adjustments like result.scale.multiplyScalar( 0.001 ) in the onLoad() callback (before the commands are created).

is there any api to achieve this. Means dwg to json converter