Load SVG and displacement Map generate disconnected edges

Dear Community,

When I apply a displacement map on a mesh generated with load SVG I get my vertices disconnected.

Is there a way to avoid a such behavior ?

Texture map:




I’m not good with SVG stuff, but it looks like the displacement map affects not only the top surface, but also the sides (because they have uv coordinates too).

I’d try one of the following – either have a displacement map that has 0 displacement (i.e. black color) for the sides of the model; or will change the uv of the sides to point to a texel that has 0 value.

Thanks, your answer inspire me a solution. Rather than using displacement map Bias, I calculate avoid to displace vertices that are located on the bounding box.

        if (position.z === boundingBox.min.z &&
        position.x > boundingBox.min.x && position.x < boundingBox.max.x &&
        position.y > boundingBox.min.y && position.y < boundingBox.max.y)

Result looks great:

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