Displacement map creates gaps in my 3d models


I’m having a problem when using a displacement map on my 3d models. The model consists of multiple meshes like the back, sides, underside and front. The displacement map pushes these meshes away from each other which results in gaps within the 3d model. I’ve added some screenshots with displacement map and without displacement map.

I’ve tried everything with the displacement scale and bias but can’t get it to work properly. Is there something I can change/try to get it to work or is this there an alternative?

With displacement map

Without displacement map

Without seeing a live demo it will be hard to investigate the issue.

However, please ensure that you are always using a respective normal map when applying a displacement map. Otherwise the lighting will be incorrect, see displacementMap does not update normals · Issue #19677 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub.

When generating a displacement map, tools normally output the respective normal map.