Load several 3d models in order

how can i load several 3d models by gltf loader setting priority?

In regards priority do you mean that you want them to load in a certain order?

If so you can hook into the return function to trigger the next load.


gltf.load( 'model1.glb' , (object) => {
  scene.add( object.scene );
  gltf.load( 'model2.glb' , (object) => {
    scene.add( object.scene );

You can then abstract that out to a function which loads from a list.


let loadThese = ['object1.glb','object2.glb'];
const loadNextObject = () => {
  const loadThis = loadThese.pop();
  gltf.load( loadThis , (object) => {
    scene.add( object );
    if( loadThese.length > 0 ) loadNextObject();

Using Promise chain is also an option.



Thanks for the help, I actually want to create a virtual tour and I have a 3d model of an entrance hall that link to the other 3d hall of fame or booths models(.gltf) , now can I use this code?
Note: I want to use sprites to link 3d models to each other.

Are you working on an exhibition hall configurator?

yea exactly.a Virtual Tour with Halls and 3D booth Models

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OWW great! me too
If you don’t mind send me your e-mail or your facebook account to help each other if we have problems :slight_smile:

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