Load glb models in WebGPU

How can I load glb models for WebGPU. I see an example where GLTFLaoder can load gltf model for WebGPU, but how can set support for ktx2Loader to GLTFLoader. I need to load glb models but i have errors.

WebGPURenderer does not support most texture compression formats yet. Besides, KTX2Loader has a dependency to WebGLRenderer and is not compatible with WebGPURenderer for now.


Thanks for the quick response. This is in the plans, if there is, approximately when the release will be. Or, to add this support yourself, you can tell where to read about it and how to search to try it.

No, sorry. The first important step is that WebGPU supports all relevant texture compression formats. Keep an eye on the official spec for updates (WebGPU).

Ok, I’ll wait for further updates.

I looked at babylon.js, it loads the glb model there.
Here you can see: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#Y69S0H#3 (via selecting WebGPU).
Can you give some advice about how I can implement this on three.js.

This requires some changes deep in the renderer. I doubt it makes sense if you apply them on a local copy. Besides, KTX2Loader also needs a bigger update.

I want to try if I can fork or end up purely for myself. If you know where and what to look for, you can tell

I have filed a few PRs today to implement the feature. Current progress:


Thats great! Thanks!

Need help with this process:

Here i’m trying load glb compressed model. Thanks for support WebGPU on ktx2Loader, now texture is rendered. But i have problem with loaded geometry. I use GLTFLaoder with MeshoptDecoder, it works on WebGL2, but on WebGPU it doesn’t. Any ideas how can i fix this problem.

Same with the KTX issue, the renderer will require an update to support these kind of buffer attribute setups.

Sorry, WebGPURenderer is still quite new and lacks certain features. It has not yet been tested with all possible scene setups.

Is it worth waiting for solutions for these problems in the new version of three js (152)

Sorry, I can’t guarantee this issue will be resolved with the next release. The focus of the next release will be on color management related changes.

It would be cool if it solved on the next release, now glb models is half loading on project. Anyway, thanks for the response.

We implemented an update here, could you let us know if this resolved your issue?

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Thanks a lot, now webGPU renderer supports glb models

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To clarify: It supports compressed glTF models now :wink: . Uncompressed asset were already supported.

Of course, we have models compressed glb models on project and it supports

And I have such a question, then it will be possible to combine both WebGLGenderer and WebGPURenderer together, that is, approximately the same code will work on both renderers.