Load fbx file with textures (including images)

How is about loading .obj by three.js, does it support all of versions?

Hopefully, but it’s very hard to support files from all these different applications since so often the files they output are either incorrect, or they interpret the spec differently. The only way to find out is to try it!

Doesn’t Paint 3D let you export .gltf or .glb? If not available yet it is coming soon… those would probably be much easier in this case, with THREE.GLTFLoader.

Dear @donmccurdy,
We can export .glb by Paint 3D.

Oh, ok well then that is another option — you can load .glb files with THREE.GLTFLoader.

@donmccurdy I’m still wondering about this. As I said, my task is opening some fbx files that were design by Optitex 3D (ver 15.3). Users will upload them to my site then view. I can’t require users to convert the files before uploading. The best way may be asking users use Optitex 3D to save the files as obj format. Then I will try to load obj file in my site.

Dear @looeee,
Could you tell me how to check version of FBX file?

It’s in the browser console log whenever you load an FBX file, as in your screenshot above: FBX binary version 7100

If you want to see the FBX SDK version, uncomment this line in FBXLoader.js:

console.log( FBXTree )

Then find the Creator section in the FBXTree that gets logged to the console.

Dear @looeee,
I read your comment at https://github.com/mrdoob/three.js/issues/9860.
Thanks you for your replying.
I uncomment the line that you told me. Nothing is wrote at console.
May I do anything wrongly?

There’s really no way I can know what’s wrong without seeing your code.

In any case, you don’t really need to do that since you already have FBX binary version XXXX logged to the console, and you know that if XXXX < 6100 then the file is probably not going to work.

The next step is to upgrade the file or convert to a different format. There are lots of suggestions for how to do that already in this thread.