Lightmap for metal does not work

Hey guys, i had some problem making metal surface looking correct in THREE, i have baked lightmap for my mesh and here is the lightmap(through baking glossy pass in blender).

the lightmap looks correct. and all other non-metal mesh’s lightmap works ok.
but when the metal mesh just doesn’t work.
this is how it looks in THREE.

here is what it should look like(in blender)

Have you applied an environment map to your model? Keep in mind that Blender shows reflections which is not yet true for your app.

Besides, a light map should be in grayscale which seems not true for your generated texture.

the lightmap is colored because the light source is has color, so i suppose it’s not a problem.
i tried applied environment map to it as well. still the same.
but if i manually decrease the metalness to anything but 1. it could work, here is metalness != 1

the lightmap just doesn’t work on metal surface.

and if i make the metalness != 1. the lightmap can work instantly,

How does it look with metalness 0.99?

I just test different value again.
the lightmap can show up only when metalness value <= 0.9.

Metallic materials require an environment map — if an environment map is having no effect on the material, something may be set up incorrectly, can you share a demo to debug?

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I’ll try create a simple one to debug.