Large scale app using Electron

So it seems possible to run three.js in electron for model viewing.

What about a large scale game? Would this be a waste of my time to try?


I think @Usnul said in an old thread that he was making an Electron app with Might is Right to publish it on Steam, I wonder if it succeeded ?


Hey there, yeah, i did manage to integrate electron into my build process. Took a few days to figure it out, steam integration was the biggest pain, because you need electron to behave a certain way for it. It’s quite straight forward actually, just takes time to read the documentation for the most part.

I don’t know if you could call my game large-scale or not, it does have some 2Gb of assets, so it’s not particularly “small”, the “optimized” version is about 350Mb of assets. The code itself is rather compact, there is 150k or so lines of JS code before minification and tree shaking.


Great! Good to here (and congratulations). Thank you!

Have you tried nwjs (formerly node-webkit)?

I’m trying to decide between the two.


no, i haven’t tried nw, i guess it works similarly well. I made a decision based on popularity and ease of integration. Electron seemed like a better choice, but I came into it already leaning toward Electron - so I’m pretty biased.


Right on. I started doing integration with nwjs, got a 3d scene loaded and running well!

I suppose if I ever need to change, the concept between the two is similar enough.

Thanks again Usnul =]