Building a standalone game. What to use? Electron? NwJS? Something else?

Hey guys!

Just out of curiosity, if you build a standalone game, what framework do you use for it? I’ve personally always used electron due to its features, but it’s pretty bloated since it’s effectively the entirety of chromium and nodejs in a single package.

I’ve been experimenting with alternatives but I don’t trust the ones that use OS builtin web renderers because you can’t be certain of webgl support or other features.

As I’m trying to find alternatives (or stick wih the same) I’m wondering… What would/do you use and why?

Cheers! :beers:

i think for a standalone desktop game you would typically not use threejs but unity. but if you want to stick to the web then, at least right now, i could not think of a better way than electron. it is bloated for sure but has a formidable dev experience, and desktop folks aren’t picky about 100mb. in the future electron will be replaced by react-native completely, at this point webgl will run as native opengles on mobile, the web and desktop. this already works between the web and mobile. microsoft is working on that actually:

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