jsngin (A JS game engine inside VSCode)

Hi all ! We are excited to announce the early release of jsngin.

Designed to integrate with your web development workflow, it seamlessly works on top of VSCode and utilises familiar build tools like Vite.

Find out more at https://jsngin.com/
Join our discord server at jsngin


That’s clever, leveraging the VSCode platform as a game engine.

I’m having some trouble installing the extension.

Edit: Got it! I had to install the Pre-Release version

Hi Fennec ! Appreciate your feedback :). The VSCode extension is intentionally kept in pre-release as of now because everything is fairly new so there might be some blurps and glitches. For now you can download the extension by clicking on the arrow next to the Install button and selecting Install pre-release version.

We plan to convert every pre-release version to a normal release after about a week of usage :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the the insight, installed it correctly, npm run dev worked as expected with the right scene (cube, plane and physics). But when I open src/rootGameObject.jsnobj, I get this error message:

{“type”:“error.platform.gameObjectEditor.uninitialized:invocation[0]”,“data”:“timeout of 2500 elapsed for the request {"to":"extension","from":"iframe","id":8,"securityKey":"88b9d354-aba7-41b3-800e-07d18834560c","functionName":"serve","data":{"type":"parameters","parameters":["gameObjectEditor"]}}”}

Wow ! looks like it is taking longer than 2.5 secs to compile the gameObject code for the engine on your device, This is generally not expected. Let me note this and increase the hard timeout limit for this process in the next patch [this might take upto 6 hours].

Please feel free to join our discord server and we can have a detailed discussion (on how you can get this working for now) over there.

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Just so you know, I’m on a Linux OS, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, may be that’s the cause.

Can any one else here give it a test!

I’ll gladly join your discord, see you there!

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