Issues using effect composer on safari mac (threes r120)


I found a strange issue using the EffectComposer with Safari on Mac. If I just use a RenderPass, everything is fine - however, if I add any pass (say, a ShaderPass with a luminance shader), then, depending on the near plane of the camera, some objects appear/disappear as the camera gets closer/farther to them.

E.g., camera near set at 0.1, objects at distance around 300 from the camera, objects appear/disappear as the camera moves.

If I set the camera near to 1, then the problem disappears.

Everything renders fine on Chrome or Firefox on the same machine.

I could publish some example, but what has the camera near to do with the passes I am using?

Thanks for any help!

When using a simple shader pass (e.g. with LuminosityShader) then nothing. A live example would be helpful to investigate the issue.