Issue with Texture Mapping on Models without UVs

We are in the process of porting a program, originally developed in Unreal Engine for displaying 3D models, to ThreeJs. However, we have encountered a specific issue. In Unreal Engine, we could apply materials like wood or tile to models without UV attributes, and the textures displayed correctly. In ThreeJs, however, it appears that texture mapping requires the model vertices to have UV coordinates. Could anyone advise on how to achieve a similar functionality in ThreeJs as in Unreal Engine?

There must always be some mapping from model space to texture space. UVs are the standard way to do that, and you can create UVs for models in various programs like Blender. If your UE application didn’t use UVs, it would be helpful to know what mapping it used instead — there should be some name for it. Triplanar mapping maybe?

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Maybe there triplanar mapping or box mapping

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Although I’m not familiar with the specific technology used in Unreal Engine, I have looked into the Triplanar mapping method you mentioned. This approach should meet our needs. Thank you very much for your help.

Thank you very much, I will try it.